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Prague Games 2016? A parrot, Hertl and dominating Northern Stars and Chodov

Foto: Pavel Růžička


For the thirteenth time, young floorball players from all of Europe, boys and girls alike, met in Prague to experience the unique atmosphere of Prague Games, and to try beating as many teams as they could. Many...

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Recent results

10:40 Vinohrady Surte IS IBK Florbal Ústí B18 group 0:2
10:00 Vinohrady Black Angels FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava B18 group 2:5
08:00 Děkanka UHC Dietlikon IBF Backadalen G18 group 1:2
19:10 Podvinný... Tatran Střešovice red SV Floorball St. Gator B18 final 6:1
17:50 Podvinný... Florbal Chodov blue Team Swiss U17 White B16 final 0:5
16:30 Podvinný... FBŠ Bohemians DDM Praha 7 IBK Vöikers B15 final 2:3
15:10 Podvinný... Northern Stars G18 IBK Nacka Wallenstam G18 final 3:2
19:30 Hamr 2 Paskov Saurians FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava B12 1/4 final 5:0

Prague Games 2016 video #4