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BoostUP.Floorball - development program for new countries!


Floorball is developing rapidly. Just look at the green IFF map below, the Floorball ‚disease' is already  spread  almost all over the world. There are 43 ordinary IFF members and 16 provisional members now and these numbers are growing from year to year.

We care about the Game and want it to grow faster and more effective. That's why we are happy to help the teams from countries, where the Floorball is at the beginning of its way, to develop.

We present you our BoostUP.Floorball support program for the clubs from the countries, which have never participated in Prague Games. We understand the difficulties which every young club faces and believe the solution can be found in every and each sitiation. We believe that the support from more experienced people is usually needed. And we are here for you!



Are you a floorball enthusiast?  

Do you want to participate in the most international floorball tournament for youth in the World?

Do you want get a local individualized guidance and support?

Haven't you been in beautiful Prague with your teammates before?

Do you want to develop floorball in your country and gain an unforgettable experience?


If YES, we can offer you our special BoostUP.Floorball developement program:

  • NO Team registration Fee
  • 25 % discount for accommodation
  • Local guidance and patronage of the club from the Top 4 countries (Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic) during the tournament


You can download a leaflet about upcoming tournaments and BoostUP.Floorball project here.


For more information please contact us by email:


Let's BOOST it UP!