Sekretář Mikulka o PG 2017: Těší mě velký zájem týmů, účast Číny a Ukrajiny, problémem byla kontumace
Gold from the oldest boys category B18 goes to Switzerland
Tatran shot their way to the victory in B17
Bohemians overplayed SC Urbans and triumphed in the B16 category!
The Swiss national team overcomes Vítkovice and wins G18 gold
WIN BY DEFAULT in final of B13 category: Vítkovice broke the rules, Ostrava won 5:0
Slovaks have a winner now! Bombardéri overcome TPS in B15 final
Tatran have got Gold in B14 category. In final they surpassed Uherský Brod
Znojmo destroys Vlci Malonty to win first place in B12
Second gold for Finland! Loisto dominated in G16
EräViikingit girls emerge victorious from G14 final as they succeed in preventing Pixbo from scoring
Zug United triumphs for the first time! The girls in G12 category earned it
The Popular Instagraf is back: Today at Hamr Braník
Ukrainians have parted from the tournament as stars. Some guys cried for joy, says their coach
Finnish referees keeping up with the times: Magic radios at Prague Games
Mladá Boleslav knows how to develop good players, says Kološ
The Swiss in Prague are preparing for the championship. But they couldn’t beat Chodov
A beautiful sports alliance: Ukrainian team Skala gets support from the Swiss
The Chinese played against Pixbo! It was amazing, says their Estonian trainer
Prague Games start, heavy downpour creates “sweat puddles” on Krč rink