EräViikingit girls emerge victorious from G14 final as they succeed in preventing Pixbo from scoring

While the G12 final brought no Scandinavian teams to the winner's rostrum, the G14 final saw two:

Finland's EräViikingit and Sweden's Pixbo Wallenstam IBK. EräViikingit players proved superior in this game, which they secured with rigorous defense. Not a single shot could reach their goal, leading to their well-deserved 3:0 victory.


The competition in the G14 category was very keen: Both finalist teams came out of the semi-finals only after narrow wins (Erä defeated Täby with a 3:2 score; Pixbo overcame Ostrava in a 5:4 game). And the final match in this category was tight as well. There was nothing wrong with Pixbo's play, but the Finns held the ball more often, were better at face-offs, and scored three goals to boot. All this decided that they now celebrate winning gold.

G14 Final standings:

1. EräViikingit G14 (FIN)
2. Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (SWE)
3. Täby FC (SWE)
    FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava (CZE)

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