Slovaks have a winner now! Bombardéri overcome TPS in B15 final

14.07.2017 | zik

Foto: Pavel Růžička
Four nations have won gold in this year's Prague Games so far: Switzerland, Czechia, Finland, and Slovakia as well now. (Quite surprisingly, Sweden is still waiting for a win.) In the B15 category, Bombardéri were absolutely invincible as they won all of their eight games in the tournament – and they ended four of these games with a score in the double digits. The final was no exception to their winning streak as they beat the Finnish team TPS in a 4:2 game.

The final was no easy game for the Slovaks though. They met their equals in the Finns. Bombardéri could rely on excellent playing skill, body-checking, and individual performances. The outcome was especially prominent during the first half, when they scored three goals. The second half was much keener as the teams each scored a goal. As the end drew near, with a score of 4:2 with the Slovaks in lead, TPS bet on power-play. A few threatening shots came out of the move, but no goals, which lead to the Slovaks earning a prized first place.

B15 Final:
Bombardéri Jr. – TPS 4:2 (3:1)
7. Faith, 13. Machovič, 20. Kvasnica, 23. Mayer – 14. Heikkilä, 33. Vesterinen.

B15 Final standings:
1. Bombardéri Jr. (SVK)
2. TPS (FIN)

B15 category All Stars Team:
Top scorer:
Matěj Pěnička (FAT PIPE Florbal Chodov)
Best player: Samuel Ševčík (Bombardéri Jr.)
Best goalkeeper: Šimon Melega (Bombardéri Jr.)

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