Despite Trojan’s magic, the Swiss win over Chodov in B16 final

09.07.2016 | zik

Foto: Pavel Růžička
Chodov failed in their attempt to gain the golden hat-trick. They won B12 and B14, but could not reach the peak in B16. Team Swiss U17 White was merciless. The Czech were barely keeping up throughout the first half of the game, but later the Swiss turned it into a real concert of a play. As Chodov watches the 0:5 final score, Switzerland gains its first gold medal in Prague Games 2016.

Chodov goalie František Trojan was the hero of the match's first half, performing several incredible saves. The best one came in the 19th minute when he managed to stop the ball right at the goal line. Hundreds of Swiss at Podvinný mlýn arena gasped in disappointment.

The team from Prague was failing to keep up with the opponent, finding themselves under constant pressure. If it were not for the defenders' and the goalkeeper's amazing performance, the score would not have been 0:0 around half-time.

That is when Samuel Schindler strikes. Four times. The dexterous forward scored two goals from quick exchanges right after the break, adding another one three minutes to the game's end, and yet another one into empty net as Chodov chose powerplay. Finally, Moritz Wenk's goal set the score at 5:0 in favour of Team Swiss U17 White.


B16 Final:

Florbal Chodov blue – Team Swiss U17 White 0:5 (0:0)

Goals: 31., 32., 37. and 40. Schindler, 37. Wenk.


Final standings:

1. Team Swiss U17 White (SUI)

2. Florbal Chodov blue (CZE)

3. Lillån IBK, Älvsjö AIK P00 (both SWE)


All Star Team, B16 category:

Best goalie:

Best player:

Top scorer:

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