Tatran have got Gold in B14 category. In final he surpassed Uherský Brod

Tatran demonstrated an amazing performance in B14 category! It walked through the tournament without hesitation; it wasn't defeated neither in the group nor in the playoff. In the semifinals he was with Zug United B14 Red, but eventually they was able to maintain tight win 2:1. They manage their final opponent; excellent AC Uherský Brod, too. Střešovice were better and won 5:3.

B14 final had class. We could see nice-looking actions, solid shots and admirable goalkeepers' actions. The busier one was the goalkeeper from Uherský Brod, because Tatran was much more predatory and wild. And when we are talking about goalies, Tatran made an unorthodox move, after the break with score 3:1 Tatran changed the goalkeeper so both of them could participate on the win.


Uherský Brod lost 3:5, but we could see really talented players in its rows. Next to the goalkeeper we should mention Kouřil who scored a hat trick and Souček who assisted for all three of them. However Tatran has little more balanced and more experienced team and that is why they could reach the top.


B14 Final:

1. AC Uherský Brod – Tatran Střešovice 3:5

Goals: 1., 36., and 39. Kouřil – 4. and 31. Kún, 13. Bulderbergs, 14. Pretl, 24. Padevět


B14 Final standings:

1.Tatran Střešovice (CZE)

2.. AC Uherský Brod (CZE)

3. Zug United B14 Red (SWI)

    Floorball Koeniz (SWI)


B14 category All Stars Team:

Top scorer: Anton Staf, IK Zenith White

Best player: Martin Ležatka, 1. AC Uherský Brod

Best goalkeeper: Odřej Pelech, Tatran Střešovice

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