Eminent tournament guest - the hockey idol Tomáš Hertl has arrived for the tournament's final day

09.07.2016 | knp

Foto: Pavel Růžička
He is home in Czechia just 5 days and the first event he visits after his arrival from USA is… Prague Games. The Ice Hockey forward who unsuccessfully fought San Jose in the Stanley Cup final, and who had to step down because of a knee injury, has visited the tournament as project ambassador for Prague as European Capital of Sport 2016.

He is the face of the project. So he arrived to the tournament although his injured knee is strengthened by a brace. So descent from the gallery in the second floor of Podvinný mlýn hall to the court to award the B14 category (Chodov gained the title) made him some troubles. "But it's getting better, I will take of the brace soon and I will start to exercise. I'm looking forward to it," he smiles.


However, he didn't hesitate to accept the invitation to Prague Games. "When there was a chance, I said; I have free time I can come," said the patron of the project. "I represent sport events in Prague, it consists in visiting tournaments similar to Prague Games, awarding the teams and spreading joy among the children. "And I hope even in representing Prague well," said Hertl, who held a short autograph session after the ceremony.

He has close connection to floorball. "We always played after school or at home with my brother, I enjoy it. We were winning the Prague school competitions," one of the Czech forwards in NHL remembers and adds that he even owns prizes for best shooters in these tournaments. "Floorball is very similar to ice hockey, there still is a stick…" smiles Hertl.

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