WIN BY DEFAULT in final of B13 category: Vítkovice broke the rules, Ostrava won 5:0

In the final of B13 category, a rather awkward event occurred. Team 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice entered the match with two players (one girl and one boy) older than the rules in this category allow. Their opponent, FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava, noticed this and submitted a protest, which was accepted by the JURY of the tournament. Ostrava was awarded a 5:0 win by default.

It is needed to say, that Ostrava submitted the protest during the match, although they probably were aware of this fact already before the game. And so the final match was played till the end (Vítkovice won 5:1) and the fans didn't learn about the win by default until after the game. At the end both teams were disappointed; Vítkovice lost their joy of winning and Ostrava's players could hardly be happy about a win by default.


We attach the exemptions for overaged players from the official tournament bulletin that every team in Prague Games 2017 received.




Exemptions for over aged players are given by the
organizers. The exemption is for a player maximum
one year older than the age limit of the particular
category. Dispensation can be given to several
players in the squad but only one player per match
is allowed to play, except for G12, G14, G16 and G18
where we allow two over aged players per match.
Player of the particular category with dispensation
can only represent the team the dispensation is
valid for. The players with age exemption must be
marked with the date of birth in the on line team list.
Girls may play in boys' teams in class B 12–16. No
other dispensations will be given.


B13 Final standings:

1.FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava (CZE)

2. 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice (CZE)

3. Pixbo Wallenstam IBF, Svart (CWE)

    Technology Florbal MB (CZE)


B13 category All Stars Team:

Top scorer: Sakarias Ulriksson (IK Sirius IBK)

Best player: Adam Zubek (1: SC TEMPISH Vítkovice)

Best goalkeeper: Matěj Prašivka (FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava)

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