Znojmo destroys Vlci Malonty to win first place in B12

A win for Czechs! Local teams dominate the B12 category as Bulldogs Brno and Black Angels share bronze and Vlci Malonty duke it out with TJ Znojmo in a battle for gold. And the final wasn't all that dramatic. Znojmo was going for the win from the very beginning, having scored twice by the 4th minute and eventually beating the opposing team 7:2.

There was still hope for Vlci to turn the tide before the 33rd minute when they were only losing 1:3 and still could believe in an eventual victory. But then, from the 33rd to the 38th minute, Znojmo scored three goals in quick succession and the match was effectively over. When Znojmo's Hoch finished his hat-trick in the 40th minute of the game, increasing his team's lead to 7:2, the winner was decided.

B12 Final:
TJ Znojmo – Vlci Malonty 7:2
4., 26., 40. Hoch, 2. Čech, 38. Blažek, 38. Bednařík – 9. Štindl, 33. Matuška.

B12 Final standings:
1. TJ Znojmo (CZE)
2. Vlci Malonty (CZE)
3. BLACK ANGELS (CZE), itelligence Bulldogs Brno (CZE)

B12 category All Stars Team:
Top scorer:
Adam Carvan (Tatran Střešovice RED)
Best player: Matěj Faltus (Vlci Malonty)
Best goalkeeper: Jakub Pechura (TJ Znojmo)

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