Zug United triumphs for the first time! The girls in G12 category earned it

First final match of this year's Prague Games took place in rapturous atmosphere. The Děkanka hall was full to bursting. There were two different fans on the stands; the Slovak and the Swiss one. NTS FK-ZŠ Nemšová and Zug United G12 red meet in the last match of G12 category. At the end the Swiss team could celebrate the win and secured their team historically first gold medal on Prague Games.

The girls in white and red entered the match with great zeal. They took their opponents by surprise with 3 quick goals. They worked well with quick counterstrikes and long distance shots. After a while the marking board showed 5:0 for Zug. The Slovaks exerted at the end of the first half and shot two goals. It seemed for a brief moment that the game will be dramatic…


But after the break the Swiss team showed a dutiful play, their goalie backed them up and at the end the Swiss could celebrate a victory. The Zug United crew waited a long time for the first gold from Prague Games, they had silver and bronze, but they always missed the cup. Until this year -they won in a new G12 category.


G12 category final standings:


1. Zug United G12 red (SUI)

2.NTS FK-ZŠ Nemšová (SVK)

3.Zurich United blue (SUI)

  NOLET Zabi Róg

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