Frequently asked questions

1. When does the registration end?
The deadline for applications is 31 January 2018; however, we guarantee a spot in the tournament for 500 teams, in the order of received applications. More teams will be included at the organizer's discretion based on accommodation and venue capacity.
2. Where do I find tournament participation fees?
We will be happy to send you the current pricelist for the upcoming year. Ask for it at the tournament address
3. What are the tournament categories?
You will find age categories in the Tournament section.
4. What type of accommodation and meals can I choose?
We offer accommodation in hotels or at schools and various types of boarding. Please check the Stay section.
5. What are extra persons?
These are people who are a part of the registered club but they are not a part of the particular team, i.e. they usually have a different program and accommodation. E.g. drivers, parents, etc. Coaches are not considered extra persons.
6. What is a Club Zone?
It is a virtual area intended for registered clubs, where they can modify their applications, read messages from the organizer, view current status of their order and payments. They also have to fill in their club roster here and divide members of their club into individual teams.
7. Until when can I change data in the Club Zone?
You can change data until 15 February 2018. All payments should be made by this date, and the cancellation policy is effective from this date onwards.
8. What is an online roster?
It is a roster of players and coaches in a particular team, where it is necessary to fill in the name, year of birth as well as assign the players and coaches to individual teams. Players and coaches not included in the roster cannot take part in a match. The roster needs to be filled in before the start of the tournament at the latest. They will be checked upon the teams' arrival.
9. What if I'm playing and don't have enough time to go have a lunch?
Based on our experience from previous years we are introducing an innovation. If you order a full-board package, we will arrange your lunch near the arena where you are playing.
10. Are there going to be any side events?
Yes, for Saturday evening we are preparing a party program for team leaders as well as players. We will publish details in the tournament's official bulletin.
11. Where can my parents follow my team's results?
At our website your relatives and friends can follow online reports from all matches in progress, results of all matches, as well as detailed statistics after the tournament.
12. Where can I buy the tournament T-shirt and how much does it cost?
You can buy the tournament T-shirt at the tournament center for 300 CZK or 12 EUR. You will also be able to order the T-shirts at the tournament email
13. Is the use of handball resin allowed during the tournament?
The use of resins is possible only in certain arenas. We are trying to guarantee this possibility mainly for categories A and B. In other cases the use of resin is strictly prohibited.
14. Where can I buy an allowed resin brand?
A limited amount will be available for purchase at the tournament center.