B 12 born 2005 and later

B 13 born 2004 and later

B 14 born 2003 and later

B 15 born 2002 and later

B 16 born 2001 and later

B 17 born 2000 and later

B 18 born 1999 and later



G 12 born 2005 and later

G 14 born 2003 and later

G 16 born 2001 and later

G 18 born 1999 and later


We keep the right to cancel a category if it has less then 8 tams registered.

Over Aged Players

Exemptions for over aged players are given by the organizers. The exemption is for a player maximum one year older than the age limit in question. Dispensation can be given to several players in the squad but only one player (boys) and two players (girls) per match is allowed to play. Player with dispensation can only represent the team the dispensation is valid for. Team must clearly indicate the over aged players in the on-line team list before the tournament starts. Girls may play in boy's teams in class B 12-16. No other dispensations will be given.