The Milestones of Prague Games

Under the influence of the popular floorball anthem "All You Need Is Floorball!" during the eleventh Czech Open we have decided it is the right time to make out a younger brother to the adult tournament. We came out with the idea of an youth equivalent of the Czech Open. The idea was given the working name of Prague Floorball Games and we set to work. Our original goal was to organize a small, cool tournament to celebrate the end of the school year. We chose the term in the beginning of summer holidays, sent out the invitations to all parts of the World and were waiting what is going to happen.


The tournament attracted 88 teams, which surprised us pleasantly, because it was twice more participants compared with the first edition of the Czech Open. Of course, most participants were home teams, only 11 teams dared to come from abroad. But not less 7 countries were represented which was a very good base for the future. We played on 5 fields and needed only three dozens of referees. We had very few girls teams – only 11 so the categories G14 and G16 were merged into one. Only 4 teams of Kungalvs Innebandy club arrived from the cradle of floorball. The first edition of the International Championships in floorball freestyle took place during the tournament. Teams played a real fair-play, because within totally 185 games only one red card was given. Tatran Střešovice and Lielvarde from Latvia became the most successful clubs of the tournament, both with two gold medals.


In 2005 our slogan was "Take care!" and the central motif was the explosive ball. The number of participants got over one hundred, of which more than a half came from abroad! 18 teams arrived from Sweden and 10 teams from Switzerland, where we started to benefit from a good cooperation with floorball club in Zug. We move the tournament to the second weekend in July, which proves to be a good choice and becoms a tradition for Prague Games. This year we were the first organized floorball event in the Czech Republic, where the matches were played without the goal keepers pass. We used 8 fields and 45 referees. Sweden celebrated two titles – in B18 RBK Goteborg and IFK Täby in G16. Prague Games had its first Stars. Dominika Štéglová became the best player in category G18, the best goalkeeper in B18 was David Rytych and the best scorer in B16 Dan Šebek. Today, Dan and David have a medal from Men World Championship and Dominika deposits piles of extra-league medals at home.


Number of participants nearly doubled to 166, there are four times more girls teams than in 2004. We welcome some really famous clubs - Espoon Oilers, Tapanilan Era, Pixbo Wallenstam, Täby, Engelholm etc. 30 teams came from Sweden and 16 from Swiss Alps! In the final battles Czechs celebrated three-times, two golden medals went to Sweden and one even to Slovak Stupava. Tournament Pool Party took place at the open air pool Petynka and the finalist of Czech Pop Idol contest – Sámer Issa – performed for the tournament audience. Unfortunately, it was the last time at Petkynka, because the local residents were complaining about the noise later…This year we needed 10 grounds, nearly 100 organizers and 60 referees.


We are attacking 200 teams, this number represents 3,500 floorball players. Theoretically, everyone scored more than once, because we counted altogether 3,800 goals. Tomáš Reguly from Nižná scored an incredible number of 23 goals! After the spring rainstorm our traditional hall in Korunovacni was flooded. Thanks to a great understanding of Sparta ice-hockey club we moved to the T-Mobile Arena! We welcome even the national teams. Polish U18 joined the tournament, but they were not able to compete with Uherský Brod in G18 finals. Beach Party in Žluté Lázně was a great success, the only shame was, that during the evening barbecue we run out of meat and some latecomers were served only sausages. In retrospect, once again we apologize! Freestyle was alternated by Freebandy in the sand. Among the boys 14 we noticed talented Adélka Bočanová, Jana Christiánová in the goal led Uherský Brod to victory in G18 while in team Future surprisingly appeared Honza Jelínek from Vítkovice. They got a good lesson since now all of them are members of Czech national teams.


Prague Games celebrated its fifth birthday. It was a really hot summer that year. President of the International Floorball Federation IFF Mr Tomas Eriksson visited the tournament and we were visited by the legendary hockey goalkeeper Dominik Hašek the new tournament centre at the Hamr Braník sport complex too. 4,100 players accredited in 230 teams and played 520 games. Over one thousand of our young visitors stay in tournament schools while the others are resting at hotels, hostels or at home. We hate a growing aggressiveness of supporters and leaders especially in younger categories. We are determined to stop it radically. We plan to launch an extensive Fair Play campaign for the future. Golden medals are divided as follows: Sweden 3, Finland 2, Czech Republic and Hungary 1.


The 6th edition of Prague Games is symbolized by the slogan "Stop Aggressiveness!" and the Czech Olympic Committee Fair Play Club takes the patronage over it. First time we distribute blue fair play and red unfair cards and during the final ceremony the girls from Asper Sumperk are awarded by a special trophy for an extra ordinary act of fair play. The prize has been handed over by famous Czech Olympic medalist in cross country skiing Mrs. Květa Jeriová-Pecková. Our tournament centre tent has been blown out by a strong wind storm. Sweden is represented by 45 teams! The biggest club is Tullinge with not less than 5 teams. Prague Games are televised for the first time, the final day highlights are broadcasted by the Nova Sport Channel. We host also the Czech-Swedish mixed team called FBC Friendship.


Lucky Seven is symbolized by Hot Floorball Summer image and comes with several records. 12 countries are represented by more than 5000 players in 260 teams. Prague Games grow over its bigger brother Czech Open! We are also global this year since we host the congenial team of Pasir Ris Primary School from Singapure! The final day moves to the modern arena Podvinny Mlyn. The main Fair Play Trophy of the Czech Olympic Committee is granted to FBS Bohemians Praha.


Welcome to the Floorball Space! We are attacking a three hundred participating teams; Prague has been invaded by 288 of them! The referee squad grows over one hundred. Newly opened B15 category proves to be a success with 35 registered teams just in the first edition. We go through a large tournament web reclnstruction and for the first time shoot a professional tournament video. The most successful delegation are the Tre Kronor with three golden medals. The Taby from Stockholm celebrates for the third time in a row. The B16 finales between Finnish "super" Sonics and Pixbo from Sweden has been witnessed by a crowd of nearly 1500 spectators!


We play in the rhythm of Bohemian Floorball Rhapsody, number of teams get over 3 hundreds! 317 teams from 11 countries are struggling in Prague. This represents almost six thousand participants. The weather prepares a hard test to us – tropic heat with enormous humidity is changing with big rainstorms. It is raining into few halls, in Hamr Braník water condensates on the floor… Several matches were decided by penalties as once during the thirteen annual of Czech Open. Fortunately it happened just in the basic groups, from the play offs everything runs smoothly. Last time we play in old Sparta hall in Korunovační, large reconstruction begins. Will we be back again? We are opening new category B13. The first winner is ATU Košice. Great floorball SUOMI domination is reflected in the oldest categories, final of B18 and G18 have purely Finnish cast. And the total medal balance? Finland 3, Sweden 3, The Czech Republic 2 and Slovakia 1 gold.


Prague Games celebrate 10th anniversary and this time we play Floorball at One Touch. We welcome a record number of 6016 participants in 319 teams from 14 different countries! This edition is a premiere year for young players from Slovenia and "smiling suns" of Singapore return after 3 years. Shortly before the tournament Prague is devastated by high water again. Our main venue - Hamr Branik is heavily flooded. Despite the floods we manage to put everything in order and the event is going ahead even with Hamr Branik. The great news of this year is the Tournament Party and Penalty Floorball at Harfa. For the first time we introduce a Top Class Sport Events mobile application and results of all the 926 matches are uploaded in the real time. The domination of SUOMI continues - 7 of totally 9 gold medals travel to Finland in 2013!


The eleventh annual Floorball Prague Games is a great circus. The 19 arenas over the Prague will host enthusiastic artists, who will be showing their feats and skills with a ball and wands. The participation is again a record, 332 teams also includes Danish clubs, who are coming back to Prague after four years. Unfortunately, talented Ukrainians are not coming from the country affected by war affairs. We are highly anticipating reopening of the Královka arena in Korunovační street, but the areana will have to wait one more year to participate in the tournament. The best performance of this year scored young boys and girls from Czech Republic who have achieved the victory in five categories, reaching fourteen sets of medals in nine categories. 



12th Prague Games brings the #NeŠikaně #NoBullying campaign to draw the attention to the issue of bullying in sports teams which is supported by many clubs and a number of floorball celebrities. Again record number of Zug members including 500 players, coaches and fans was registered. And there were at once three of their teams in the finals. Swiss bad luck was broken by Floorball Köniz, when after dramatic shootout they won B15 category and got the historical first gold medals for the Switzerland from Prague Games. Wrinkles for the organizers were made by results electronic system which collapsed couple of times and, thus, after a few years tables and boards at the playing halls became the main information source again. Fortunately, thanks to the competent and willing volunteers everything was eventually managed in the halls. Finnish teams returned their achievement throne by winning in 4 categories. What is about an overall medal balance? Finland - 4, Sweden - 2, Czech Republic - 2, Slovakia - 1 gold.




13. Prague Games 2016 byly součástí projektu Praha – Evropské hlavní město sportu 2016. Tomáš Hertl, ambasador projektu, se zúčastnil finálového dne a udělil cenu pro vítěze kategorie B14, kterým byl letošní nejúspěšnější klub Florbal Chodov. Ten dominoval i v kategorii B12 a v B16 bral stříbro. V chlapeckých kategoriích byly české týmy veleúspěšné, když získali celkem 12 medailí a z toho 4 zlaté. V dívkách dominovaly hráčky Northern Stars, které ovládly kategorie G14, G18 a získaly stříbro v G16. Letošní Prague Games opět vyhlásili boj šikaně kampaní #Nesikane. 380 týmům z 12 zemí letos přálo i počasí a odehrály skvělé zápasy! Laťka je tak pro příští rok nastavena opět o něco výš.