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The valid IFF international rules will be applied.

Playing Time

In all group matches and all play-off matches upto the eight-finale the playing time is  2x15 min. The time is not effectively measured. The interval between the periods is 2 minutes. No time out is allowed.

In quarter-final, semi-final and final the playing time is 2x20 minutes. Last 3 minutes are measured effectively. The interval between the periods is 3 minutes. The time out is allowed.

Qualification Key

Victory in group games gives 3 points, draw 1 point and lost game 0 points.

If two/more teams reach the same amount of points after the group matches you separate them by:

  • - the amount of points reached in mutual direct matches
  • - the score difference reached in mutual direct matches
  • - the amount of scored goals in mutual direct matches
  • - the total score difference
  • - the total amount of scored goals
  • - lot

A draw in the eliminating matches is followed by:

  • - 3 penalty shots
  • - penalty sudden death

Tournament JURY

Tomáš Vaculík

Jan Jirovský

Jiří Šatoplet


A potential protest must be delivered to the JURY or to the hall secretariat in a written form 15 minutes after the match at latest. Protest fee: CZK 1,000. In case of refusing the protest the fee is not refunded.

The verdict of the JURY is final and cannot be questioned.

Team List

Every team must complete the on-line team list on the tournament web page till the start of the tournament at the latest. Only the players named on the on-line list are allowed to play. After the tournament starts the on-line team list may be modified or added only with the approval of the tournament JURY.

Match Protocol

The match protocol must be filled in block letters and handed over to the match secretariat at latest 30 minutes before every match. The forms will be available during the team registration and it will be also possible to download them from the internet.

Walk Over

The maximum waiting time is 5 minutes, after that the de ‘fault result will be 0:5. Any team missing two matches due to the walk over will be excluded from the tournament and all played matches annulled.

Player's Participation

Any player can take part only in one team in a certain category during the entire tournament. Any player can participate in more categories during the tournament in case his/her age is within the age limit of the given category (only within teams of one club). Player’s identification may be requested in case of misgivings. The players’ passports or other ID must be for disposal for this case. The players identification can be requested also by the opponent but only till the end of the break between the 1st and 2nd period after handing over the protest fee. In case of potential unfitness the de ‘fault result of this match will be 0:5.

Overaged Players

Exemptions for over aged players are given by the organisers. The exemption is for a player maximum one year older than the age limit in question. Dispensation can be given to several players in the squad but only one player per match is allowed to play, except for G14, G16 and G18 where we allow two over aged players per match. Player with dispensation can only represent the team the dispensation is valid for. Team must clearly indicate the over-aged players in the on-line team list before the tournament starts. Girls may play in boy’s teams in class B 12-16. No other dispensations will be given.

Match Penalty

Match penalty 1 leads automatically to suspensation till the end of the respective match, match penalty 2 to suspensation in the following match and the match penalty 3 leads to the player's suspensation in the whole tournament.

Jersey Colours

In case the referees decide that one team should change shirts due to the similarity of the opponents coloures the team listed as away team in the official match schedule is obliged to change. The jersey coloures published on internet  are  informative only.

Warm Up

There will not be any opportunity to warm up on the floorball ground and warming up before every match will therefore have to take place next to the ground or outside the hall.

Dressing Rooms

The number of dressing rooms in all halls is limited and therefore it has to be used by „walking through“ system. After changing before the match please take all the teams belongings in bags to the ground. After the match you may be given a different dressing room. The organizers cannot be taken responsible for any loss of personal belongings during the tournament.

Match Schedule

The organizers have the right to change the published match schedule. In such a case a notice will be given to each team leader affected by the change. The team leaders are supposed to keep the actual contact during the tournament updated in their own interest. 


In each category the winner will be awarded by a cup. First three teams will be awarded by diplomas and medals /maximum 20 medals per team/. At the same time the best goal scorer, best goal-keeper and best player in each category will be decorated. The teams and individuals will be decorated immediately after the semifinal and final game of the given category.

The winning teams are entitled to free team registration to the Helsinki Floorball Cup 2014.


Every player is taking part in the tournament on his own risk. The participants are not insured by the organizer. Every team leader has to make sure that every participant is insured both off and on the field. 

The organiser is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury of the participants during the tournament.

Please note that the Swedish teams should apply the SIBF for forreign play sanction at least 4 weeks prior the tournament.

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